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Capitalize on life.

We work with clients across every aspect of their financial life – from managing the mundane to handling the unexpected to preparing for big moments. To do so, we operate as a multi-family office – or “financial quarterback” – partnering with clients to simplify, organize and tie together all of the parts and partners, including investments, taxes, banking, insurance, trusts and estate planning – and more.

Your Journey

One of the most essential aspects of our partnerships with clients is the ability to address and solve for significant – and often emotional – challenges and transitions in life, for example:

  • Entrepreneurs: Buying, Selling or Investing in a Business
  • Retirement: Achieving Financial Independence
  • Estates & Inheritance: Educating the Next Generation
  • Divorces: Empowering People for What’s Next
  • Large, Concentrated Stock Positions
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    Your Challenges & Transitions

    Entrepreneurs: Buying, Selling or Investing in a Business

    Small businesses are the heart and soul of America’s economy – representing 98+ percent of total employer firms in the country. At the high end, firms with less than 100 employees average up to $7 million in revenue while smaller, closely-held, family-owned business with less than 10 employees tend to average $1 million or less in revenue. At any size, for owners, the business is their purpose and passion in life. It is also their source of income and wealth. And it’s hard work. Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. It requires countless hours and ever-evolving challenges across the ebbs and flows of the marketplace – balancing people, cash flow, tax management, expansion, equipment, and the like.

    enTrust Advantage
    • 3+ decades working with business owners; we are also entrepreneurs who get what it takes.
    • We understand each client’s business vision and challenges, as well as their personal goals.
    • We help entrepreneurs buy new businesses or fund the expansion of their current operations.
    • We help sell and transition out of the business and into retirement and the next chapter in life.

    Retirement: Achieving Financial Independence

    People today are not looking for the same old retirement where they are forced to worry about monthly spending. They are active, passionate and driven by purpose – at work, at home, and in their communities. They want that active mindset and lifestyle to continue – and to be accelerated – when they decide to stop working and remove the daily commutes and burdens of paycheck dependence. They want a partner who can help them achieve “financial independence” so they can pursue the next exciting chapter of their personal journey on their own terms.

    enTrust Advantage
    • 3+ decades of experience helping clients unlock financial confidence and independence.
    • We take the time to focus on consistent and disciplined planning across all aspects of life.
    • We empower clients with financial advice, investment strategies and tax solutions to optimize outcomes.
    • We are committed to revitalizing retirement for a new generation of active successful individuals.

    Estates & Inheritance: Educating the Next Generation

    In the words of Coach John Wooden, “The most important thing in the world is family and love.” That is why our clients take the time to not simply manage wealth for themselves but to plan the most effective ways to transfer it to the next generation through estate plans and trusts, tax strategies, investments, insurance, real estate, business succession planning, and the like. Doing so can position their children and grandchildren to achieve financial security and confidence earlier in life – and allow them to focus their time on pursuing their passions and purpose in life. This requires multi-generational planning, as the next generation will also have to understand the dynamics of the estate plan and have a plan for the new money that will be transferred to them.

    enTrust Advantage
    • 3+ decades of experience helping clients with estate planning and wealth transfer.
    • We take the time to focus on the unique vision, dynamics and challenges of each family.
    • We empower clients with financial advice, investment strategies and tax solutions to optimize outcomes.
    • We work with the next generation to ensure a smooth transition and create personal plans for their life.

    Divorces – Empowering People for What’s Next

    There is no question that divorce is a stressful time for everyone involved. This is especially true when trying to understand and make sense of the complete financial picture – from understanding total assets to sizing up marital debt. Additional anxiety is created when the individuals involved in a divorce begin to think about what’s next for them – from day-to-day living to managing the financial needs of their children and grandchildren to retirement and estate planning. For many people, it can be a lonely time – especially in divorces after the age of 50. That is why financial planning is essential at this critical time in life – as it will help set a new foundation to empower people for what’s next in life.

    enTrust Advantage
    • 3+ decades helping with financial education and planning, investments, monthly income, retirement, etc.
    • We understand each client’s challenges and concerns, as well as their dreams and aspirations.
    • We create comprehensive plans for immediate needs and longer-term goals.
    • We empower clients for a fresh start – to capitalize on what’s next in life.

    Large, Concentrated Stock Positions

    Many people who have worked for long periods of time with public companies find themselves with large, concentrated stock positions. They realize that selling the stock will create significant capital gains. They also realize that holding the stock during a market downturn will diminish the stock’s value and take time (sometimes years) to rebuild – an especially challenging scenario for those nearing or already in retirement.

    enTrust Advantage
    • 3+ decades of experience helping people mitigate the risk of large concentrated positions.
    • We understand the specifics of each client’s situation and goals – and create a relevant plan.
    • We leverage various tools, including collars, exchange funds, prepaid forwards, etc. that can create diversification and mitigate portfolio risk.
    • We take action to achieve the client’s goal and optimize their portfolio and financial picture.